A SaaS platform that simplifies and accelerates recruitment, making hiring simpler, quicker, and more reliable.”

At Gateway Jobs our vision is bold yet simple. To build a platform that becomes the benchmark for service sector recruitment in the Middle East.

Based in Dubai, our founders have worked within the UAE service sector since 2017 and understand the nuances and challenges faced by companies in hiring and retaining good workers. Our goal is to remove barriers, accelerate the recruitment process and provide the data to make smart human capital investments. We are always looking for partnership and investment opportunities to continue expanding into a global ecosystem for employers and employees to meet, learn and progress.
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"Resource heavy and unreliable hiring practises are commonplace in the UAE service sector. The recruitment process is burdened by volume and diversity, which pulls resource from operational activities and driving P&C and L&D agendas. Despite hiring marketplaces and the availability of broader verification and assessment software, there is no dedicated ecosystem to support candidates and employers, that  protects and serves the hospitality industry"

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Meet our team

Our team are all based in the UAE and have been heavily involved in hospitality and retail for much of their careers. They've experienced the challenges first hand, and also understand the opportunities that result from better hiring practises. We are dedicated to building an ecosystem that will serve as the benchmark for recruitment in the Middle East and beyond.
Iain Buscombe
Founder & CEO
Hands on Commercial Director with 10+ years experience servicing the HORECA and retail channels for a global portfolio of dynamic consumer brands.
Poya Farighi
Founder and CPO
Former BlackRock and now successful entrepreneur in the SaaS recruitment space. Founded and exited Vitay.io in 2021 and currently Managing Director of OnsiteHQ.
Simon Ford
Insights Director
Ex Kantar, and now Managing Director of Shopper Intelligence ANZ. Shopper Intelligence is an insights company which works with brands and retailers to maximise their operations through understanding their shopper.
Rafael Wilson
Software Engineer
Highly experienced software engineer and former frontend dev for Linear, Coinbase, and Postscript. Frontend Engineer | Web Developer | UI/UX Designer | Transforming Ideas into Digital Realities and an Expert in Responsive Design